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  • The left pane can be used for local file system browsing only
  • The right pane can be used for FTP browsing only
  • Limited configuration possibilities
  • Edit action works on FTP connection settings only


  • Double click or Enter on the New connection... item in the Connections pane to create a new connection.
  • Double click or Enter on a connection item to connect to an FTP.
  • Browse into your Content folder and wait for your profiles to be recognized. Result will be cached.
  • Browse into your Games folder and wait for your games to be recognized. Result will be cached.
  • If you see a game with a green Xbox icon and - probably - trimmed title, it means the game isn't installed on your console. As a fallback GODspeed checked the title on and found the displayed title.
  • If you see a game with the name Unknown game it means GODspeed couldn't find it on either. (Or lookup has been switched off)
  • Right click and select Rename if you want to change an item's title.
  • Right click on a profile and select Recognize Titles from Profile to update your cached game information based on the selected profile.u It's much more accurate than but significantly slower.
  • To browse profile content select Open profile, or if it's a file Double click or Enter on it. Every change you make on that profile is in-memory and will be saved only if you press the Save and Close button. If you open a profile via FTP a temp file is used and it will be uploaded back automatically after Save and Close.
  • Network shares are not supported. If you want to connect to a NAS map a network drive first.
  • If you have a NAS and you want copy files between it and your Xbox, you can speed up your transfer by turning the Remote Copy feature on. However this is going to work only if your NAS supports Telnet and LFTP.
  • You can use the Total Commander's most common hotkeys in GODspeed as well like the F keys, Alt+F1/F2 for drive change, Space and Ctrl+L for space consumption calculation, etc.
  • If the application stops working and throws an unexpected error please press the Report button to report the error to help to fix it ASAP. Thank you!

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