Project Description

GODspeed is a Total Commander like FTP client designed to fasten and clarify file management of JTAG/RGH/DevKit Xbox 360 consoles. 

Main features

  • FTP connection to consoles with FreeStyle Dash and XeXMenu
  • Instead of cumbersome IDs real names and thumbnails are displayed to see who is who and what is what
  • Automatic Gamertag and Gamer picture extraction from profiles
  • Automatic game information gathering from Game folders and online searches
  • Manual game information gathering from profiles
  • Automatic SVOD package recognition (DLCs, Title Updates, gamesaves, etc.)
  • STFS package browsing, content extraction/injection
  • Folder size calculation on FTP (most annoying deficiency of Total Commander)
  • Content-aware folder creation
  • Remote Copy support between NAS and FTP (Telnet and LFTP required)
  • Compressed file support

Future plans

  • Pendrive (XTAF) support
  • Browsing game contents in GOD/STFS format
  • Complete profile manipulation (incl. merge)
  • Online Title database where users can upload their recognized titles (which can make information gathering a lot easier than in current version)
  • Simplified Mode (hides Xbox file structure, shows relevant content - Games, Profiles, etc. - only)
  • Backup manager (create profile and gamesaves backup)
  • Rename Iso2God'ed games

GODspeed 1.0 Beta4

Useful links

Development blog

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